Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Sewing Case

 When I found this suitcase  I didn't know how I would use it, but after a few days I knew what I was going to do with it. It has now become my sewing case. When I'm working on a project I like to hangout in the same room with my family so this allows me to carry the necessities with me.I
I found this suitcase at the local antique store for $7.50, the case was a little beat up on the inside so I decided to tear it out and start from scratch.

After tearing out the lining, I used a cardboard box and a vintage sheet to fashion a new lining that would become a peg board for my sewing tools.

I used some paint that was left over from my daughters room redo to spruce up the interior. Then all I needed to do was add some pretty fabric, a box to hold piece work, bottles to hold pins, and a pin cushion. Finally, after a day of work and $8.50 my sewing case was complete. Now onto the larger suitcase.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Play Box

Have you ever stumbled upon something you've had as a child and all these wonderful memories come flooding back and you feel all warm inside? A few things do that for me 1. my mom's meatballs  2. her cornbread 3. this vintage train case.  My daughter Lucy purchased this case for me on Mothers Day at the local flea market she paid $5.00 for it and to me it is priceless not only because it came from her, but because of the memories it stirs.  As a child I used mine to carry my favorite dolls and their clothes. I spent countless hours in the summer sitting under the shade tree play dolls with my best friends Jill and Suzy.When I received the case I wasn't sure what to use it for so it just sat for a few weeks. Then as I was working on an embroidery project I knew this case would be perfect for holding supplies, and for carrying along with me to my kids sporting events or camping.
The only thing I did to change the inside was use some cardboard and vintage fabric to add a pin cushion, and some color to the plastic tray.
Once I added embroidery floss, buttons, my favorite color yarn and chocolate, I love it even more than my old doll case. It makes me feel all warm and melty inside whenever I open it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stitching For the Summer

Like many people gas prices are killing us, so my summer activities have needed to change. Instead of looking for outings away from home, I have decided to spend the summer in my garden reading books from our local library. One of the books I checked out was Sublime Stitching, and boy was I inspired. I decided I wanted to try to make a couple of pretty towels.
I love Anthropolgie dishtowels, but at $22 per towel they are a little out of the range of what I can justify for a purchase that doesn't offer a lot of purpose. I knew that my mom who is an estate sale junkie would have a couple of vintage towels that she would donate to me. I purchased $2.00 worth of embroidery thread and I was on my way.
I spent the next three days on the patio just stitching away. I have to admit I found it incredibly relaxing, and I knew I was addicted.
This book had so may cool projects and designs, but I can't wait to come up with some of my own designs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Empty Spaces

After relocating my blueberry bushes I was left with an empty canvas to work with, and like usual a minimal amount of money to work with. Fortunately I have time and patience.
With one hundred dollars in my pocket I headed to Lowes and tried to get the most out of each dollar. Luckily the had roses bushes on sale for $5.00 each. I also managed to find three small Lilac bushes for $9.00 each. I did splurge on two Hydrangeas bushes for $12.00. I was able to pick up a few other small perennials as fillers. In the end I ended up with 7 rose bushes, 3 lilac bushes, 2 hydrangeas bushes and 6 small perennials. The key was I bought small versions that will need a couple of years to mature.
The area still looks kind of barren, but I know in two years it will look like the garden of my dreams.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can I Sit With You?

 After a long day of working outside, I was sitting on the patio indulging in some reading. Ethel interrupted and asked "can I sit with you." The following half hour offered some of the best conversation I've had all week. It was fascinating to hear what is on her mind and what she feels is important. I feel like I am lucky that she shares her feelings with me.
 A little later Lucy came and took Ethel's seat, and wanted to talk about softball, chickens, and antique stores. All the things that we love to share.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Coop

 Well it is time to move our girls outside, so this weekend was spent building our coop.

 My husband is a saint, he said NO! to the idea of chickens when I brought it up. When I came home with them he didn't even attempt to kill me.
 This week he proved how much he loves me and our girls, not through words, but through his actions. He spent his weekend building a chicken coop for the chickens.
I drew up the plans from ideas I saw on the internet. The dimension of the whole thing is 4x10. We are unable to free range our chickens because our dogs see them as toys, and I want to keep them out of the garden.
I was actually planning a more visually appealing coop, but we are illegal, so we had to go with a blend-in coop instead of a stand out coop. The A-frame seemed like the simplest plan. The bottom third of the side lifts up for simple cleaning and egg removal.
 We elevated the coop so that the chicks would have a place to shade themselves. Also this helps keep the coop dry, and warmer in the winter.
 With the help of, Martha, Lucy, and Ethel, a green coat of paint was applied.
We had to tuck the coop in an out of the way place so that our neighbors wouldn't notice them.
 The chickens are still out of the coop a little while each day with some supervision.
 Yes I know my kids look like little heathens, but they have ran wild outside all weekend and this is the look all the happy kids are wearing this year. Dirt and chickens the perfect accessories.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tasty Simplicity

A rich creamy dessert with 5 ingredients. Yes it is possible. Today Ethel and Lucy decided to attempt it.

The ingredient list:
2 eggs
               2 cups whipping cream
    1 cup milk
     1 cup sugar
                1 tsp. vanilla extract

They started by whipping the eggs until they were nice and fluffy then they added the sugar and continued to whip them. Then they added the milk, whipping cream, and vanilla flavoring.

Then the last step add it to the ice cream maker and wait. Something this good should not be this simple to make.