Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Nest

I wanted to do a mini album about our family, and our beliefs. I found this canvas album by Maya Road and altered it.
I added several chipboard pages so that it would be more durable.

Then I went to town with paint, mists, and paper.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

I love a tag sale it is the best and cheapest form of retail therapy. This weekend I hit an estate sale, and came out with some awesome finds.
I wish that was my panel van, but it's not. I admit I have van envy, myself I drive a little Honda Fit which I affectionately call Betsy. Betsy has more space than you would imagine, but large furniture is definitely out of the question. So my unless I want to irritate my hubby I have to stay with the small stuff.
 I was dying to buy these items, but since I already own five rolling pins and three sifters, these babies would have to stay orphans a little longer.
However I found these three beauties in the basement, and if there is one color I like as much as red it's yellow. Now if you ask my mom she would say I stole them from her, but I seen them first.
The thing I love about these chairs other than the color, they were made here, right in the U.S.. The quality of these chairs is awesome and they were only four dollars each.

When I got them home I found that I wasn't the only person who also loved them.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure

 I found this ugly chest on my way home from the grocery store and new it could be upcycled.

My first big decision was paint color. I know it's not a life or death decision, but it is one that has too many options. In the end Valspar Red Cherry won out.
 I know painted furniture is not for everyone to quote my dad "do you have to paint everything?" To answer that I think so. Paint can unify a room or give it a punch of color and it can be changed whenever you like.
 After about three coats of paint, I lined the drawers with a pretty paper. I also painted the hardware a glossy white. I could have bought new, but I wanted to keep this project under ten dollars.
 After it was finished I new it would be perfect as my new first aid spot. We have an older home circa 1970's. Okay I know this is not old, but it is before the whole walk-in closet, and master bedroom suite took off. Anyway I deviate we have a tiny linen closet, which has to hold towels and linens for five people. To make room I decided to put all of the bandaids, ace wraps, ice packs, and medications in this little chest. I do want to say though, that if I had small children I  would not place the medication in an easy access place such as this chest.
 When it was completed I placed it at the end of a narrow upstairs hallway, and it fit perfectly. The kids also love that they can reach the bandaids whenever they need one.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Chicken Report

Well today we welcomed some new members into our home, six baby chicks. I would like to introduce you to Lucy, Ethel, Gladys, Martha, Sunny, and Chirpy. 

I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to make the leap into chicken ownership. I will admit that my husband was less than thrilled with the idea, but this was something I have truly wanted since we moved to our home. Also, I felt this year my children were old enough to be more of a help than an obstacle when it came to the care of the chickens. We also do not have a chicken coop, but after much investigation on the internet, I found some economical and easy plans. I finally decided this was something I could pull off on my own if I had to.
I bought my girls at Tractor Supply, the other items that I purchased were a heat lamp, a feeder, a water container, bedding, feed, grit, and a deep storage container. This should get them through the first four weeks. Total price $48.00.
 I could not be more thrilled with my little baby girls. The kids love the baby chicks, and I think they will offer a wonderful learning experience. I must admit though, the dog is less than thrilled.