Friday, June 3, 2011

The Coop

 Well it is time to move our girls outside, so this weekend was spent building our coop.

 My husband is a saint, he said NO! to the idea of chickens when I brought it up. When I came home with them he didn't even attempt to kill me.
 This week he proved how much he loves me and our girls, not through words, but through his actions. He spent his weekend building a chicken coop for the chickens.
I drew up the plans from ideas I saw on the internet. The dimension of the whole thing is 4x10. We are unable to free range our chickens because our dogs see them as toys, and I want to keep them out of the garden.
I was actually planning a more visually appealing coop, but we are illegal, so we had to go with a blend-in coop instead of a stand out coop. The A-frame seemed like the simplest plan. The bottom third of the side lifts up for simple cleaning and egg removal.
 We elevated the coop so that the chicks would have a place to shade themselves. Also this helps keep the coop dry, and warmer in the winter.
 With the help of, Martha, Lucy, and Ethel, a green coat of paint was applied.
We had to tuck the coop in an out of the way place so that our neighbors wouldn't notice them.
 The chickens are still out of the coop a little while each day with some supervision.
 Yes I know my kids look like little heathens, but they have ran wild outside all weekend and this is the look all the happy kids are wearing this year. Dirt and chickens the perfect accessories.

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