Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

 Memorial Day for us, was a day spent with just the five of us. This was a change caused by the huge amount of rain we've had, usually have a large barbecue, but with the yard still under water we had to postpone. It was nice to have this time together though and remember how nice it is to just stay home together.
 Martha and I spent the day working in the garden together. I love sharing my hobbies with my daughters, and the time spent together gives us time to chat.
 I also spent time with my rototiller.
 At this point in the day it was 90 degrees and I am sure Martha was thinking, do we really need to eat our vegetables.
 On to the best part of the day dinner, lobster tails, and steak. This was my first time cooking lobster tails at home, they were on sale so I figured we would give them a try.
 The best part of grilling is that my fabulous husband does the grilling, and me and the girls are only responsible for the prep.
The amount of rain we have had the past month really had me down, but today I am thankful for the memories it provided today.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I admit it I have an addiction to orange and blue. I love to wander the isles, and dream of future projects. They truly have everything you need to build a house. Its also, wonderful to know that for under $20 I can make a small change that can make a huge difference in my home or yard.

This week I'm converting Lucy and Ethel's play house into a potting shed, so I needed some peg board. This leads to another reason I rather shop at DIY stores, they cut too fit, if the wood doesn't fit in my car they cut it for me. Clothing stores just don't offer that service, if they don't have my size I am out of luck.
I also took advantage of the fact that my husband needed a new blade for his table saw. I offered to run to blue for him, and I came back with a few other items, plants and mulch for a new garden bed.  I couldn't resist 5$ rose bushes. My car amazes me with everything she is willing to carry.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicken Update

 Finally we have some warm weather. We took this as an opportunity to introduce our chicks to the great outdoors.
 Ethel the chicken whisperer.

 The girls are still loving the chicks, they love to sit outside and watch their little charges.
  Next step for these little ladies, moving into their permanent coop.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden Progress

I have always wanted an apple tree in our yard, so this week I went to the local orchard/nursery and purchased eight trees.  I didn't just go for apple trees though, I also picked up two cherry trees, two peach, and a pear tree. With my eight trees I headed home.
When I got home my girls were just as excited as I was about our future mini orchard. Lucy and Martha were ready with their shovels to give me a hand.
Ethel was in charge of helping me move the trees to the back. She is obviously the brains of the operation. She used her little garden cart to move her favorite peach tree. It was the only tree she insisted I buy.
We took the day off formal school, but the girls learned a lot today, without realizing it. The gentleman at the orchard taught Lucy about cross pollination. They learned how to plant a tree, it's not as simple a digging a hole. They found out why fruit trees, only grow in certain areas of the country. Also the reason for shopping at the orchard, to pick up dwarf trees versus full size trees.
Lucy has amazed me this summer in the garden she is not the little kid who just wants to play in the dirt, she is now full of questions and eager to help. 
Our finished mini orchard, it's not much to look at now but in two years I know it will be worth an afternoon of work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Estate Pretties

 One of my favorite items at estate sales is vintage jewelry. I prefer bracelets and necklaces from the 50's and 60's. It is so pretty colorful. This week I found the white bracelet with matching necklace and the pale blue with matching necklace and earrings for $10.00 per set (swoon).

 To me each is like a tiny piece of art so I display them on my pretty silver serving tray, which came from an earlier tag sale. I love the tray because on the back is engrave 50th anniversary, it is a testament to devotion and love.
 Also on my tray I keep the things that remind me each day how much I'm loved, perfume given to me by my oldest, hair pins given to my by m darling Ethel, and a jar of handmade jewelry that my kids have presented to me through the years.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flea Market Mommy

This was the best Mother's Day morning ever. I spent it with Lucy and Ethel at the Armada Flea Market. This was our first visit this year, and it was a beautiful morning.
When you first walk in to the market you find all the vendors selling, chickens, rabbits, ducks, and trees and shrubs for the garden.
Our first purchase is always at the bagel stand, there are usually 20 varieties to choose from, this week I went for the cherry almond. The girls always grab some hot cocoa.
The main reason Lucy and Ethel come each week is for the PUPPIES. I have to admit these beagles almost caused me to cave in this week, but I think my marriage is a little more important.
 This week the girls wanted to find my Mother's Day gifts at the market. They came up with some real gems, a vintage carry on 5$, a picnic basket $10, two vintage handkerchiefs $2, and Ethel bought me a rose plant. The gorgeous boots were from my darling oldest.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not So Plain Planner

 In this technological world I am a person who still needs an old fashioned paper planner. There's something about writing my to do's and seeing it laid out for the week and month that clicks in my head.
I couldn't find a planner that met my needs and looked like something I would want to carry.  This is where the magical Mod Podge comes to the rescue. I love the cheeriness of this scrapbook paper, so I adhered it to the planner with Mod Podge, and after a few coats it was perfect.

 After it was dry I added an envelope to keep little lists I need. I also added a few blank labels so that I can add lists of the goals I have for the year.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chicken Report Week 2

 Well it is our second week with the girls and they are definitely getting bigger. They are still currently residing in a Rubbermaid container in a corner of our living room.
 Lucy is still loving the chicks, and looks forward to the end of school, so that she can get some chick playtime.

 Four of our lovelies getting some time out of the their bin. They are just starting to get some true feathers so, time to come up with a coop idea.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden Wake Up

I love the first days of spring.  Each year around March I start dreaming up new ideas for my yard. Since we had such a long winter and wet spring it feels like we are getting a late start.
I am so lucky that my daughters love (okay maybe love is a strong word,) to garden. Each spring we start by ruthlessly pruning everything to a manageable size.

It is always a treat to rake off the mulch and see what is starting to peak through the soil.

I couldn't do it without my oldest girl, she is a natural in the garden.

Lucy is always finding new discoveries in the yard. So day one in the garden is complete.