Friday, June 10, 2011

Play Box

Have you ever stumbled upon something you've had as a child and all these wonderful memories come flooding back and you feel all warm inside? A few things do that for me 1. my mom's meatballs  2. her cornbread 3. this vintage train case.  My daughter Lucy purchased this case for me on Mothers Day at the local flea market she paid $5.00 for it and to me it is priceless not only because it came from her, but because of the memories it stirs.  As a child I used mine to carry my favorite dolls and their clothes. I spent countless hours in the summer sitting under the shade tree play dolls with my best friends Jill and Suzy.When I received the case I wasn't sure what to use it for so it just sat for a few weeks. Then as I was working on an embroidery project I knew this case would be perfect for holding supplies, and for carrying along with me to my kids sporting events or camping.
The only thing I did to change the inside was use some cardboard and vintage fabric to add a pin cushion, and some color to the plastic tray.
Once I added embroidery floss, buttons, my favorite color yarn and chocolate, I love it even more than my old doll case. It makes me feel all warm and melty inside whenever I open it.