Monday, April 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure

 I found this ugly chest on my way home from the grocery store and new it could be upcycled.

My first big decision was paint color. I know it's not a life or death decision, but it is one that has too many options. In the end Valspar Red Cherry won out.
 I know painted furniture is not for everyone to quote my dad "do you have to paint everything?" To answer that I think so. Paint can unify a room or give it a punch of color and it can be changed whenever you like.
 After about three coats of paint, I lined the drawers with a pretty paper. I also painted the hardware a glossy white. I could have bought new, but I wanted to keep this project under ten dollars.
 After it was finished I new it would be perfect as my new first aid spot. We have an older home circa 1970's. Okay I know this is not old, but it is before the whole walk-in closet, and master bedroom suite took off. Anyway I deviate we have a tiny linen closet, which has to hold towels and linens for five people. To make room I decided to put all of the bandaids, ace wraps, ice packs, and medications in this little chest. I do want to say though, that if I had small children I  would not place the medication in an easy access place such as this chest.
 When it was completed I placed it at the end of a narrow upstairs hallway, and it fit perfectly. The kids also love that they can reach the bandaids whenever they need one.

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