Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

I love a tag sale it is the best and cheapest form of retail therapy. This weekend I hit an estate sale, and came out with some awesome finds.
I wish that was my panel van, but it's not. I admit I have van envy, myself I drive a little Honda Fit which I affectionately call Betsy. Betsy has more space than you would imagine, but large furniture is definitely out of the question. So my unless I want to irritate my hubby I have to stay with the small stuff.
 I was dying to buy these items, but since I already own five rolling pins and three sifters, these babies would have to stay orphans a little longer.
However I found these three beauties in the basement, and if there is one color I like as much as red it's yellow. Now if you ask my mom she would say I stole them from her, but I seen them first.
The thing I love about these chairs other than the color, they were made here, right in the U.S.. The quality of these chairs is awesome and they were only four dollars each.

When I got them home I found that I wasn't the only person who also loved them.

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