Saturday, May 28, 2011


I admit it I have an addiction to orange and blue. I love to wander the isles, and dream of future projects. They truly have everything you need to build a house. Its also, wonderful to know that for under $20 I can make a small change that can make a huge difference in my home or yard.

This week I'm converting Lucy and Ethel's play house into a potting shed, so I needed some peg board. This leads to another reason I rather shop at DIY stores, they cut too fit, if the wood doesn't fit in my car they cut it for me. Clothing stores just don't offer that service, if they don't have my size I am out of luck.
I also took advantage of the fact that my husband needed a new blade for his table saw. I offered to run to blue for him, and I came back with a few other items, plants and mulch for a new garden bed.  I couldn't resist 5$ rose bushes. My car amazes me with everything she is willing to carry.

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