Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden Progress

I have always wanted an apple tree in our yard, so this week I went to the local orchard/nursery and purchased eight trees.  I didn't just go for apple trees though, I also picked up two cherry trees, two peach, and a pear tree. With my eight trees I headed home.
When I got home my girls were just as excited as I was about our future mini orchard. Lucy and Martha were ready with their shovels to give me a hand.
Ethel was in charge of helping me move the trees to the back. She is obviously the brains of the operation. She used her little garden cart to move her favorite peach tree. It was the only tree she insisted I buy.
We took the day off formal school, but the girls learned a lot today, without realizing it. The gentleman at the orchard taught Lucy about cross pollination. They learned how to plant a tree, it's not as simple a digging a hole. They found out why fruit trees, only grow in certain areas of the country. Also the reason for shopping at the orchard, to pick up dwarf trees versus full size trees.
Lucy has amazed me this summer in the garden she is not the little kid who just wants to play in the dirt, she is now full of questions and eager to help. 
Our finished mini orchard, it's not much to look at now but in two years I know it will be worth an afternoon of work.

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