Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

 Memorial Day for us, was a day spent with just the five of us. This was a change caused by the huge amount of rain we've had, usually have a large barbecue, but with the yard still under water we had to postpone. It was nice to have this time together though and remember how nice it is to just stay home together.
 Martha and I spent the day working in the garden together. I love sharing my hobbies with my daughters, and the time spent together gives us time to chat.
 I also spent time with my rototiller.
 At this point in the day it was 90 degrees and I am sure Martha was thinking, do we really need to eat our vegetables.
 On to the best part of the day dinner, lobster tails, and steak. This was my first time cooking lobster tails at home, they were on sale so I figured we would give them a try.
 The best part of grilling is that my fabulous husband does the grilling, and me and the girls are only responsible for the prep.
The amount of rain we have had the past month really had me down, but today I am thankful for the memories it provided today.

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